Usage flow

  • Studio reservation

    Please reserve the studio from the website.

  • Studio reception

    Please come to the studio reception before the rental start time on the day of rental.
    Please pay the studio rental fee.

  • Rental start time

    Please enter the studio.

  • Rental end time

    Please return to reception by the rental end time.


We are proceeding according to the time schedule.
You can choose from 2 types: part (1 hour) unit and sets.

Part Timetable
Part 110:00〜11:00
Part 211:15〜12:15
Part 312:30〜13:30
Part 413:45〜14:45
Part 515:15〜16:15
Part 616:30〜17:30
Part 717:45〜18:45
Part 819:00〜20:00
Sets Sets Timetable
A sets9:00 (0 Part)
12:15 (2 Part)
B sets12:30 (3 Part)
16:15 (5 Part)
C sets16:30 (6 Part)
20:00 (8 Part)

*Please contact us for use outside business hours.
*Charges outside of business hours will be 20% higher than the regular charge, and will not be subject to campaign charges.

Benefits of InnocentStudio

Great deal with a sets.

Reservations are accepted from 1 hour (unit), but if the rental time is long, the set unit is advantageous.

You can save your rental time.

There is a gap of 15 minutes between each part (30 minutes between parts 4 and 5), but if you are using the same studio for a continuous part or a continuous set, please continue the time between each part. Available.

For example, if you use the 4th, 5th, and 6th parts in the same studio: 13:45-17:30 (3 hours 45 minutes) You can use 45 minutes for the price of 3 hours.

Studio rental price list


”部” 単位 料金(1時間単位)

Studio Weekday(Part) Weekends & Holidays(Part)
Studio Itax included¥3,850
(tax not included ¥3,500)
tax included¥4,950
(tax not included ¥4,500)
Studio Gtax included¥3,850
(tax not included ¥3,500)
tax included¥4,950
(tax not included ¥4,500)
Studio 3+tax included¥4,950
(tax not included ¥4,500)
tax included¥6,050
(tax not included ¥5,500)
Studio 8tax included¥5,500
(tax not included ¥5,000)
tax included¥6,600
(tax not included ¥6,000)

”枠” 単位 料金(セット)

Studio Weekday(Sets) Weekends & Holidays(Sets)
Studio Itax included¥6,600
(tax not included ¥6,000)
tax included¥11,000
(tax not included ¥10,000)
Studio Gtax included¥6,600
(tax not included ¥6,000)
tax included¥11,000
(tax not included ¥10,000)
Studio 3+tax included¥12,100
(tax not included ¥11,000)
tax included¥14,300
(tax not included ¥13,000)
Studio 8tax included¥13,200
(tax not included ¥12,000)
tax included¥15,400
(tax not included ¥14,000)

*Prices are per rental room, regardless of the number of guests.
* If the users include elementary school students or younger, they will only be accepted in Studio 3+ or Studio 8.

Comparison of each studio

Rental Photo Studio InnocentStudio | Osaka Japan 83+IG
Room Size
Natural light
space for changing clothes
Full length mirror
Sofas and benches
Child's bench
White Box
Clothes rack
Electric fan
  • The comparison table above is a comparison between each of our studios. Please use it as a guideline.
  • Natural light depends on the weather. Please see it as a comparison reference only.
  • Facilities and fixtures are subject to change without notice due to damage, etc.