Four rental photo studios in Namba, Osaka

For cosplay photography, product photography, promotional materials, panel photography, kids photos, maternity photos, Instagram photos, etc.

A versatile photography studio.

4 shooting rental studios. Available in a different studio every hour. It can be used for multiple purposes, not just for photography.

You can rent from 1 hour.

Please feel free to use the minimum unit of studio rental time from 1 hour.

Same-day reservations are possible.

Same-day studio rental reservations are also possible. Please use it for sudden changes in the shooting plan due to weather etc.

Over 100 rental costumes.

More than 100 rental costumes such as cosplay, dress, and yukata. Models can come empty-handed.

Same price for commercial photography.

Of course, rental for commercial shooting is also possible. You can rent it for the same price as for personal use.

Easy access from Osaka Namba Station.

About 5 to 10 minutes on foot from Namba Station on each line. The studio is easily accessible.

Variety of payment methods.

We accept cash, various credit cards, electronic money, and app payments.