Natural light/white walls/white wood.
A natural studio perfect for commercial photography.

Painted walls, board walls, and floors are all unified in white. Finished in an antique style. All windows on one side face south, so the studio receives lots of natural light.

Fully covered with film on the window surface. Not only does it cover your eyes and prevent reflections, but it also lets in soft, diffused light rather than direct light, making it difficult to create harsh shadows when taking pictures.

Enjoy a variety of photo shoots such as portraits using natural light, product photography, and cut model photography.

(All sample photos below were taken using natural light only.)

Studio 3+ Weekday Weekends & Holidays
"Part"Unit tax included¥4,950
(tax not included ¥4,500)
tax included¥6,050
(tax not included ¥5,500)
"Sets"Unit tax included¥12,100
(tax not included ¥11,000)
tax included¥14,300
(tax not included ¥13,000)
標準設備 室内設置。無料でご利用いただけます。
  • ソファ(3人掛けサイズ)
  • ローテーブル(白)
  • 机&チェア
  • アンティークチェア
  • ウッドチェア
  • スツール(円形ハイチェア)
  • チャイルドベンチ
  • 古材ベンチ
  • ヨーロピアン円柱 
  • フェイクグリーン
  • 撮影用LEDライト(調光式 3200K-5600K)×2灯
  • Ceiling lighting (high color rendering fluorescent lamp 5,000K)
  • Stepladder × 1
  • 全身鏡(キャスター式)× 1
  • ワゴン × 1
  • ハンガーラック × 1
  • その他 家具・小物等
Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi is available in the shooting studio.
無料貸出品 無料でご利用いただけます。


  • カポック(白)
  • カポック(黒)
  • カメラ三脚
  • レフ板(丸型)